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    Performance parameters of shandong YGQ7061T/7061DB pressure transmitter.
    Super measurement performance for pressure, differential pressure, liquid level, flow measurement.
    Digital accuracy: + (-) 0.05%
    Simulation accuracy: + (-) 0.75%+ (-) 0.1%F.S
    Full performance: + (-) 0.25F.S
    Stability: 0.25% for 60 months
    The range ratio: 100:1
    Measurement rate: 0.2s
    Miniature (2.4kg) stainless steel flange, easy to install.
    The process connection is compatible with other products to achieve the best measurement.
    The world’s only H alloy sheath sensor (patented technology), to achieve excellent cold, thermal stability.
    The use of 16 – bit computer intelligent transmitter.
    Standard 4-20ma, with HART protocol based digital signal, remote control.
    To support the upgrading of fieldbus and field-control-based technology.
    Application field
    1. Petroleum/petrochemical/chemical industry
    * with throttling device, provide accurate flow measurement and control.
    * can measure the pressure and liquid level of pipes and tanks.
    2. Electric power/city gas/other businesses
    * high stability and high precision measurement and other places are required.
    3. Pulp and paper
    * used in places where chemical resistance, corrosion resistance and the like are required.
    4. Iron and steel/non-ferrous metals/ceramics
    * for furnace pressure measurement and other requirements of high stability, high precision measurement and other places.
    * used for stable measurement under strict control (temperature, humidity, etc.).
    5. Machinery/shipbuilding
    * used for stable measurement under strictly controlled (temperature, humidity, etc.) high-precision conditions.YGQ Transmitter China