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    Stainless Steel Airfoil Centrifugal Fan (Belt Drive)
    The fan has the compact structure, high efficiency, stable operation, and easy installation and maintenance. Applicable on textile factories, tunnel pits, painting purification, drying furnaces, ovens and other hot air circulation, ventilation and so on.
    Fan Constriction:
    1.Impeller:The impeller is formed by 12pcs back-curved blades Good air performance, high efficiency and stable operation.
    2.The fan shell is welding by the high quality steel and design as the vortex constriction. The air intakes position is range from 0 to 270 degree, space 45, and the fan without bottom has two directions of clockwise or anti clockwise.
    3.Air intakes is made of a converging integral structure welded to the side of the fan.
    4.Running parts are consists of Spindle, bearing, Bearing box and Pulley.Stainless Steel Centrifugal Fan